About Us

Blue Medic Designs is a retired firefighter and current veteran paramedic's artistic collaboration, small business endeavor and design showcase. As you will notice some custom pieces are marked "sold out", but still listed in the boutique as a form of previous conceptual display.

Many materials in this art medium may be one of a kind, it is not always possible to duplicate projects, but every effort can be made to create something similar should you choose. Please send us a message to discuss your vision and coordinate your very own specialty project. Approximately 80% of the items you see displayed here are handmade by the first responder and designer that started this beautiful boutique and portfolio of work.

We are quite sure you will love the beautiful handmade pieces and our rustic coastal style, however should you not be 100% satisfied, please reach out and give us the chance to win you over. While many items are non-refundable we will make every effort to see that you are happy with your purchase and believe wholeheartedly in doing right by each client.

Thank you again for supporting this little creative art collaboration.

Every kind word makes this world a better place and your presence here helps turn on the light for others. Last but not least, please share in our mssion to create safer work environments and patient care areas nationwide. 

Search "Silent No More Foundation" online to help end workplace violence on medical personnel and first responders. Thank you for visiting!